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Resources for Getting Started With Functional Programming and Scala

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This is the “secret slide” from my recent talk Learning Functional Programming without Growing a Neckbeard, with links to the sources I used to put the talk together and some suggestions for ways to get started writing Scala code.

Functional programming in general

Immutable data

Map, flatmap, and for-yield:

Option and other monads

Other cool Scala stuff

Getting started in Scala

  • Scala for Java Refugees by Daniel Spiewak
    • Great starting point for Java programmers looking to explore Scala
  • Scala School and Effective Scala from Twitter
    • An introduction to Scala and a Scala style guide used by the engineering team at Twitter
  • Functional Programming Principles in Scala at Coursera
    • A free online course led by Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala
  • Scalatra
    • A lightweight web framework that’s a great place to start building web apps & APIs in Scala
  • Lift and Play
    • Two more heavy-duty Scala web frameworks that are widely used
  • Akka
    • If you’re interested in using Scala for concurrent & distributed applications, the Akka toolkit is an Actor model framework with really accessible documentation & tutorials
  • This Week in #Scala
    • Finally, keep up with what’s going on in the Scala world by following This Week in Scala, compiled each week by Chris Cundill